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image of Grady’s Spit

Grady’s Spit

At the northern extremity of the Mallows embayment, several ship remains have created a landmass known as Grady’s spit. Over time, sediment got trapped in the hulls of the ships, creating a new landmass and altering the shoreline of Mallows Bay. Currents and birds deposited seeds that have grown into a variety of wetland plants along the shoreline. Grady’s spit provides a welcomed landing destination for the weary paddler to get out and stretch their legs on a small beach. Volunteers take weekly water quality samples here, as well as at the Mallows Bay boat ramp, as part of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s community science volunteer water quality monitoring program. Results get posted on the SwimGuide, letting the public know if it is safe to interact with the water.

Grady’s Spit Images