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image of Caribou


Built for the U.S. Shipping Board, Caribou is a Ferris-type wooden supply ship. It was built by St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company in South Jacksonville, Florida. Between 1917 and 1919, Ferris-type ships, like the Caribou, were built for the U.S. Emergency Fleet for World War I. Their construction at nearly 70 shipyards in 17 states was a massive effort. This effort drove the expansion and economic development of communities. It also grew the maritime industry. Although nearly 300 wooden warships were built, the war ended before the ships could be used. Many of these ships were sent to the Potomac River for salvage of their scrap metal, such as engines, steam boilers, and propellers. Known as the Ghost Fleet, these ships were partially taken apart through three separate salvage periods from the 1920s through the 1940s.

Although Caribou is not known for the work it did accomplish, it is an excellent example of the powerful force of nature. In 2003, Hurricane Isabel lifted the remains of Benzonia on top of the Caribou. Since 1929, many of the ships in the sanctuary have shifted from their original positions. Shifting is mostly due to seasonal changes in currents and weather patterns. Today, they offer habitat to a variety of plants and animals.

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